Updated: Sep 17, 2019

According to a survey around the globe, more than 1.5 billion (approx) adults are at risk of diseases because of an inactive lifestyle.

According to the latest study released by the world health organization (WHO), there are approximately thirty-four percent (34%) of Indians – 24.7%male and 43.9%female are not active enough.

When it comes to an active lifestyle many people think they have to hit the gym which involves rigorous activity. This is a wrong assumption one could simply improve their fitness level by simply talking stairs without using the lift or you can simply go to an evening walk with your son without using your car not only your fitness level will increase it will also allow you to inhale some fresh air.

Examples of working more actively on your daily day to day routine include:

· Taking the stairs instead of the lift.

· Walking your dog.

· Park your car away from your destination.

· Walking instead of driving to a short destination.

· Walking lightly while reading this blog.

There are a lot more. If I told you everything what would you do!

In India, kids have forgotten the outdoor games under the sun which gives them a very vital vitamin (vitamin D). Due to the pressure of studies, the kids are being the most inactive one. They are entertaining themselves through TV, video games, electronic gadgets which is not only harmful to their eyes but for their brain too.

There are numerous benefits of physical activity for kids some are listed below:

1. It strengthens their bones: Bones respond by getting stronger when engaged in daily physical activity. Adults tend to lose bone mass in their late 20s but those who are engaged in a daily physical activity got a greater bone density.

2. It improves energy levels: Regular exercise will make kids feel more energetic and will allow them to be active throughout the day.

3. It reduces stress level: Exercise has been showing an effective way to lower the stress level in kids. The exam pressure will be lower by some sort of physical activity so stop scolding your kids to read all the time and allow them to play some outdoor games!

4. It also helps them to concentrate better: Many studies show that those who exercise regularly have a better concentration power than those who don’t. So letting your kids have some physical activity won’t affect their academics but will help them.

There are numerous other benefits to exercising. So we can conclude if your kids are taking some time to play outside there is nothing to worry about it, rather than if your kids are only using their fingers on mobile devices there are some serious issues which you have to look about.

As discussed the importance of physical activity for the kids, exercise and any sort of physical activity is also very beneficial for seniors.

According to the American Academy of family physicians, older adults receive more benefits from any sort of physical activity or exercise than younger people. From reducing chronic diseases to the risk of any injury exercise plays it major role.

According to some people, it is risky for seniors to exercise as they may injure themselves, but avoiding exercise is more risky. As in India, most seniors are inactive they have to take frequent trips to the hospital for prevention of health problems.

There are too many health benefits of exercising for seniors some are listed below:

1. Better mental capacity: Normally there is a decline fall in memory as we grow old. However many studies show a higher the physical activity level lowers the mental decline. It also helps to manage stress and keep better emotional health of a person.

2. Keep a good state of heart and lungs: Exercises increase your breathing and heart rate. It improves the health of the heart, lungs, circulatory and respiratory system.

3. Maintain a good body balance: Exercising helps to maintain a proper balance in seniors which prevents falls. Seniors are more likely to fall and become injured. However, with a healthy and active lifestyle senior enjoy better posture and better balance.

4. Enjoy better sleep: In this age group, many tend to have insomnia and sleep disorder. By exercising seniors can improve the quality of sleep and awake feeling refreshed the next morning.

There are also many more benefits of being active for the seniors. As stated by Joseph Addisonreading is to the mind what exercise is to the body” one shouldn’t avoid being fit. From a kid to an aged person everybody should try to keep their fitness level up.

So we can conclude every age group should exercise and be physically fit because being fit is never out of trend.


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