what is diet!


Dieting is the practice of consuming food in a specific schedule. Although diet may be different for a group of peoples as every person have a food preference regarding their taste, their caste or some ethical reasons. Many people follow a customized diet for better health, weight management, achieving any fitness goals or to solve any health issues.

People dietary factors are most affected by their personal taste preferences making them eat a lot of junk and unhealthy food which later became their practice causing health disorders.

The breakdown list of all diet is very huge, so here is a list of most followed diet:

Vegetarian diet: It is a diet that primarily excludes meat and animal by-products such as eggs. The vegan diet primarily contains fruits and veggies. Many people take eggs and milk in their diet excluding meat and fish making their diet an Ovo Lacto vegan diet.

Ketogenic diet: It is a very low carbohydrate and high-fat diet. Keto diet involves serious cutting of carbohydrates from the diet and replacing with healthy fats and protein sources. Cutting down carbs put bodies in a metabolic state called ketosis.

Cookie diet: It is a diet in which an individual quell their hunger with a low-fat cookie.

Crash diets: Crash diets are often used to reduce weight fast. This is a very low-calorie diet that can drastically change the metabolic rate and weight of a person. This diet should be positively done under medical supervision.

Detox diet: Detox diets are the diets that are followed to detoxify the human body. These diets help to flush out the toxins from the human body. These diets include a high amount of juices and water and restricting certain food items.

High protein diet: It is a diet that has a large amount of protein and fat in it and the carbohydrates are minimized. In keto diet the carbohydrate intake is negligible and in this diet, it is minimized which makes it different from the keto diet.

chicken breast best source of lean protein.

Benefits of dieting:

1. Help to reduce weight and make you look fitter.

2.Reduction in the chance of heart attack.

3. Manage diabetes.

4. A good diet is necessary for good bones and teeth.

5.Improved memory.

6.Lower blood pressure and triglycerides.

7.Improved moods.

8.Higher energy levels.

9.Better digestion.

10. Reduce the risk of cancer.

Tips to make your diet healthier:

· Replace the high-calorie drink like juices and shakes with water and organic tea.

· Consume mostly whole, unprocessed foods.

· Chew a lot is a secret mantra. The lot more you will chew you will end up eating less.

· Add a lot of green vegetables and fibers to your diet.

· Plant-based milk is better than cow milk

· Drinking water is never out of trend. Drink more water throughout the day

· Break your fast with a high protein breakfast.

· Avoid sugar as it the biggest evil for our body.

· Awake out the Masterchef in you. Home food is much healthier than outside food. So in a diet, the first preference is for home food.

· Reduce the intake of refined carbohydrates such as white flour, pasta, bread, and white rice. Instead use brown bread, oats, etc which are known as complex carbohydrates.

· Add an apple in your diet.

Here are some important points about what is diet, the different types of diet, benefits of dieting and useful tips to diet. More articles coming on different diets and explaining them and free diet plans to the subs. If you want to know about a specific diet comment below.


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