Tips to reduce belly fat fast.

Belly fat the problem for most people across the country. According to Forbes “63% of corporate India is overweight” and in this mess, most of the people's problem is belly fat. Due to the unhealthy and inactive lifestyle, people are facing this big belly problem. People are performing crunches but not getting results they want that their belly fat will be shredded like magic. But my friend the truth is spot reduction is not possible you cannot hit a single part of your body and cut out the fat from the targeted region fat is cut from the overall body making you trimmed from head to toe. There is a common misconception people think only going to the gym will help them reducing the fat but the main part is in the kitchen. As always diet is the key.

Here are 15 very effective ways to lose the stubborn belly fat:-

1. Try intermittent fasting: In case you don’t know intermittent fasting is a term used to denote several diet plans which include a fasting window and an eating window. Mainly an individual has to take all his meals between a specific time window and have to fast between specific time windows. Like for example if someone has a fasting period of 16 hours then he can break his fast at noon and eat until 8 P.M which is 8 hours eating window. Intermittent fasting makes you eat a lesser number of meals and it also boosts metabolism. So we can conclude that intermittent fasting can be the greatest tool for shredding belly fat faster.

2. Eliminate junk food: Junk foods are as highly processed foods that have a minimum nutritional value and which are high in salt sugar or unhealthy fats. Daily consumption of junk food excesses the intake of carbohydrates, unhealthy fats, and a high amount of salt and sugar. This causes storing fat in different regions of the body and makes you typically unhealthy. It can also cause various chronic diseases in the long run.

3. Cut out alcohol from your life: Alcohol is the empty calories which means the nutrients value are negligible but add a high amount of calories to your day making you fluffy by adding some fat in you. The mixers like the beverages people add with the alcohol and the fried snacks people consume with their drinks contain a high amount of calories.

4. Sleep like a baby: Like diet and physical activities, your sleep also plays a very crucial role in your fat loss journey. According to various studies, there is a gain of weight to those people who get less than seven hours of sleep per night. It causes hormonal imbalance and your resting metabolism may decrease. Less sleep also triggers cortisol hormone which is also called stress hormone which increases your appetite and feels you more hungry making you eat more and gaining some extra pounds.

5. Restrict high sugar content foods and beverages: sugar is bad for you because it has countless calories. Most of the sweetened beverages are full of fructose which is nothing but a form of simple sugar. Consuming a high amount of fructose can increase your appetite making you feel hungrier and crave sugary items. All of these simple sugars make us fat and it also may cause visceral fat (fat deep inside the belly) which may lead to heart problems and other chronic diseases.

6. Drink plenty of water: h2O is very important, mark my words! It increases your metabolism and also helps you to drop the water weight of your body which results in reducing some pounds from your body though. Drinking water also helps to regain your energy. A short trip from your brother to lose belly fat faster; drink a full glass of water before a meal which will feel you fuller making you consuming a lesser amount of calories.

7. Strength training is very important: Fat cells don’t require calories at a resting period but muscle needs calories in its resting period so higher the lean mass in your body the more calories you will burn in resting period and sleeping. Strength training will not only help to build lean muscle mass in your body it will also help to keep the metabolism rate high and burns a huge amount of calories. Lift weights will help you in your weight loss journey and you will also look good in the mirror.

8. Get devoted to a high protein diet: Protein is a magical food for you if your goal is fat loss. Protein helps you to boost metabolism and help our body to repair and recover. The smaller blocks of protein are known as amino acids which should be consumed as most of these are not made your body and need an outside source. Consuming a higher amount of protein will feel you fuller and you will not feel hungry and will lead to eating less. It also helps to increase muscle mass and strengthen your bones.

9. HIIT the “game-changer”: High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) means vigorous high-intensity workout or exercises with a very minimal recovery period. It contains vigorous high-intensity cardiovascular exercises in a row or a series of workouts with minimum recovery time. HIIT has been found as a very effective way to drop body fat and reduce belly fat faster. It burns a lot of calories in a short amount of time and also circulates more oxygen throughout the body.

10. Have an eye on your carb intake: carbohydrates and fat loss is always a big topic for argument although this topic will be explained n a detailed way in a separate blog for now just you need to understand a low carb diet is always a healthier option. You can have some good carbs like brown rice, whole-wheat pasta or brown pieces of bread but avoid white sources like white bread, white rice, etc.

Avoid white rice

11. Track your total calorie: track your total calorie consumed and total calorie burned in an exercise session and watch your progress and work accordingly. Like keep a note on all the foods and track the calorie and again track how many calories you burned. More the calorie deficit more rapidly you will lose fat it will also motivate you for not quitting in the middle of the process

12. Maintain a healthy lifestyle: a master tip for a total fat loss journey is that maintain a healthy lifestyle. Belly fat, not a problem, your unhealthy lifestyle is a big issue which will create more problems shortly so if you have succeeded in losing body fat and you have got a shape congratulations but don’t throw the stick. Stick to a healthy lifestyle because an unhealthy lifestyle will lead to nowhere.

Discipline is the key and if you are thinking of starting a new journey all the best you will lose belly fat fast and lose weight fast. Trust the process.


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