In this era, everyone wants to be in good shape. When you are having a good shape with puffed chest and biceps and wide back you will gain overall confidence and your health is also benefited by doing exercises.

But! Are you hitting the gym regularly but not getting the desired results? Are you not gaining muscle or losing fat even after months of daily training?

If you want to know why you are not getting desired results in the gym lets to dive deeper into the science behind this.

1. You are expecting too much in too little time. As there is a famous phrase that says “expectation kills” this should be followed by all. Going to the gym is not magic! you will not wake up with abs and broad shoulders after only 1 week of training. Everything is all about consistency and hard work. You will see results but expect less, you will never be disappointed.

2. Have some patience dude. Even if it is a fat loss or muscle building program it needs time. Most people go to the gym for getting in shape but they always rush for the results ending quitting up or taking shortcuts like steroids. You need to understand that every great thing takes the time you should be consistent with your healthy lifestyle.

3. The gym is only 5%, you have to focus on the rest of the 95%. According to the studies what you do outside the gym matter the most. If your diet is not up to the mark if you don’t know what you are consuming or if you don’t have an overall healthy lifestyle you will NEVER be in a good shape. No matter how much work you do in the 2 hours of the gym if you have unhealthy lifestyle results will not show up.

4. Track your calories. If you don’t track the calorie intake with the calorie burnt you will not get an idea that is that diet or workout plan is suitable for your goal or not you may need some surplus for muscle gain or need to burn some extra for your fat loss. You should always track your total calories and keep an eye on what you are consuming.

5. You are giving priorities to the wrong exercises. You should always train in an all-rounded way. Hitting arms thrice a week or isolating only a single part will not make you stronger and bigger you need to perform the compound movement like squats and deadlifts. Deadlifting also engage your arms but also gain your overall body strength. To conclude, always hitting the arms will never make big.

6. Not focusing on Rep-Range is a major fallback. Also doing reps too fast with incorrect form won’t show up results. You should maintain a rep-range according to your goal i.e. if you are training for strength you should train with heavier load for 1 to 6 reps and for size(hypertrophy) you can train with moderate load for 8 to 12 reps.

7. You are doing too much cardio. You have surely heard about that for fat loss you should start jogging or running but the truth is running for long distances is preferable for the marathon runners but the study shows that for more calorie burn HIIT is more effective which means High-Intensity interval training which consists of a series of workout without any resting time between sets. Even compound lifts burn a hell lot of calories and also grow muscle mass which promotes fat loss in the resting period.

8. Felling sleepy! One of the biggest reasons that you are not growing because your body lacks sleep. Remember that muscles are torn in the gym, feed-in kitchen and build in bed as when we are sleeping our body produces maximum levels of hormones which promotes muscle growth and fat loss. So you need a minimum of 8 hours of sound sleep every night. Turn off the electronic devices before 1 hour of bed and also dim the lights before 1 hour of bed and completely darken the room for a peaceful sleep.

9. Your diet lacks protein can be one of the greatest drawbacks for serious gym-goers. Indian diet is mainly made up my mother’s love in which the amount of protein is very low. You should need to consume around 1.2 to 1.7 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day.

10. You have hit a plateau, that’s why your body has stopped giving results. After the same workout for a long period, your body gets used to the routine and stops giving results. When your body has adapted the workout you need a new routine or some new variations to break the plateau. You can get over a plateau by several methods without changing the whole routine like increase intensity and frequency and trying intermittent fasting, etc. You should always encourage change in this field.


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