What is Testosterone?

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Testosterone is a hormone produced in the human body mainly produced by male testicles which is responsible for the different physical changes in male adults. Testosterone affects the appearance and sexual development of an adult male. It is also a very important hormone for stimulation of sperm production and men sex drive too. It is also responsible for muscle mass, bone density, and body hair growth.

Do women produce testosterone?

Though testosterone is a male hormone female also produce very small amounts of testosterone in their ovaries. Combined with the female hormone estrogen testosterone plays an important role in maintaining and repair women's reproductive tissue and bone mass.

What does high testosterone do to a man!

· Red blood cell production

· Fat loss

· Higher muscle mass

· Higher bone density

· Prevent aging

· Higher sex drive

· Higher sperm count

How to boost your testosterone naturally!

As discussed testosterone is one of the most important hormones for the male body here is some way to boost testosterone level naturally:

· Having some physical movements

· Lift heavy weights and perform compound movements

· Eat a healthy balanced diet which consists of protein-carbohydrate and fat in proper proportion

· Sleep likes a baby. Sleep is a very important factor in boosting testosterone.

· Go out and have some benefits from the sun. Vitamin d is very essential.

· Reduce the stress level. When Cortisol (stress hormone) goes up testosterone falls.

Symptoms of Low testosterone levels in men:

· Loss of muscle mass

· Low sex drive

· Increased body fat

· Affects memory

· Loss of hair

· Erection problem

· Less energy

· Low semen volume

Generally, testosterone production is reduced when a male adult gets older. The testosterone particularly increases during the puberty period and starts to fall after the ’30s.

Low testosterone cause in the male body:

There are a number of factors that can cause your testosterone levels to fall. Naturally, men testosterone starts to drops after the age of 30 but it also can happen to young people.

· Injury in testicles

· Mumps infection

· Cancer treatment (chemotherapy can damage testicles)

· Obesity can be the reason! High body fat affects hormone production

· Inflammatory diseases such as histiocytosis and tuberculosis

· HIV/AIDS which can also affect the testicles

· Stress. Testosterone falls when cortisol i.e. ;( stress hormone) rises.

· Medication also affects testosterone levels as it affects the pituitary glands.

How to test testosterone levels!

A testosterone test basically measures the level of testosterone in the blood. A general blood test will be done for this. The doctor will specify a specific time for the test because the hormone is at peak levels. The normal range of testosterone levels varies from 300ng/dl to 1000ng/dl. Always remember testosterone levels fluctuate throughout the day.

Treatment for low testosterone:

Change in lifestyle:

This should be a major change if you have low testosterone levels. You should exercise regularly and quit bad habits like smoking and consumption of alcohol.

Testosterone booster:

There are a number of supplements and herbs that claim to boost your testosterone to a certain level. However, these are not supported enough by research to measure their effectiveness.

Testosterone foods:

There are a number of foods that help in a hike in testosterone levels. These natural foods make your testosterone levels raise naturally without any health hazards. Food rich in Zinc and vitamin d help to keep your testosterone at a safer level.

Testosterone replacement therapy:

Testosterone replacement therapy is used to treat people with no or abnormally low testosterone. When testosterone is abnormally low in someone's body they can face several health issues like erectile dysfunction, low muscle mass and much more.

In this treatment medication and gels are given which is applied to the skin or inject to the body. This helps to regain the testosterone to safer levels.

Testosterone injection:

It is one of the most common forms of restoring normal testosterone levels. They are prescribed by the doctor. This process also has a lot of side effects.

Here is an overview of testosterone benefits and symptoms of low testosterone. Solemonk also helps you with how to increase testosterone naturally and in other ways.


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