How to grow a beard faster

Hello! Welcome to a fresh blog on how to grow a beard faster. In the first place, you need to understand that the beard is largely affected by genetics profiles which are an unchangeable condition. Though here are some great tips that will speed up the beard growth process. Don't forget patience is the key.

Let your beard grow: It is the most important advice for you in the journey of getting a full-grown beard. You need to understand that shaving and trimming will not stimulate beard growth. This is only a myth. Shaving will only make the tip of your hair blunt aside from this there is no such relationship between shaving and the beard growth. So let your beard grows and don't shave to get more. As always "patience is the key"

Clean your face 2 times a day: wash your face twice a day to remove dirt and oil from your skin pores to unblock the hair follicles. Wet your face with warm water which will open your skin pores and apply a mild cleanser to clean your skin.

Exfoliate dead skin cells: Exfoliating your skin will clean all the dead cells from your face which are becoming a barrier for your beard growth. To exfoliate your skin first wash your cleanser and rinse off keeping the face damp apply a specific exfoliant all over the face then rinse it completely and pat dry. Choose a suitable exfoliant for your specific skin type.

Eucalyptus oil can be your best friend: eucalyptus oil can be the best thing you can use to get a full beard. Eucalyptus oil moisturizes and nourishes the beard follicle it contents all the vitamins and minerals which is important for beard growth. So, in short, this oil is used to stimulate facial hair follicles and keeping your facial hair soft and shiny.

A balanced diet and kicking out the bad habits: getting all the nutrients from a meal is very difficult nowadays. All the vitamins and minerals play a very important role in hair growth. All the B vitamins are very important for healthy hair growth. You can add some multivitamins supplements with your daily meal to fulfill the vitamin requirement.

Kick out bad habits like smoking although there is no direct relationship with smoking and beard as it hinders the overall health it should be stopped. According to some studies, smoking will turn your hair grey.

1. Add up a lot of vegetables in your diet like carrot broccoli beans and leafy vegetables.

2. Also, add meat fish and dairy products in your daily diet.

3. Avocados and all the nuts are also important in beard growth.

4. Foods contain a high amount of zink.

Sleep well: Our testosterone levels get peak when we are sleeping. Need to hear anything more? Testosterone is the most important hormone for beard growth so deprived in sleep will affect the beard growth. So get a good sleep.

Message your cheeks to stimulate growth: messaging your cheeks will increase the blood flow in your face. It also increases the flow of oxygen in your face. Like every muscle, our face also has a muscle format and like every muscle, it also needs exercise for muscle quality. Messaging your face stimulates the hair follicle and thus it promotes a healthy thicker and shinier beard.

Exercise regularly: exercise is one of the best things you can do for yourself not only it will make your physical health better also your mental health will be enhanced. Exercise helps us to boost our testosterone levels and boost our metabolism which is a very essential element for promoting hair growth. Squats, deadlifts, and other compound movements increase the testosterone levels which are a very plus point growth of beard.

Reduce stress: Stress is an overall enemy of your health. As stress increases the production of Cortisol in your body also known as the stress hormone. When Cortisol increases the level of testosterone decrease as mentioned earlier testosterone is the most important factor for beard growth. So technically stress can slower your beard growth. Manage stress by yoga and meditation and grow some manhood I mean beard.

Use a home remedy of beard growth: Certain home remedies can stimulate the growth of a beard. As said earlier beard also depends on genes and hereditary but you can also use these simple home organic hacks which can help you to have your first beard.

Use Amla oil: Amla is one of the most nutritional value products in India. Use amla oil and massage your face sit for 5 minutes and rinse with cold water.

Coconut oil: Messaging coconut oil in your face can stimulate facial hair growth. You can use a cotton ball and apply it on your skin and wash it with cold water after 10 minutes. Not safe to acne-prone skin.

Hot oil massage: Hot oil massage is a very effective way which is very helpful for the growth it enhances the hair follicle making the beard denser and shinier. It also increases the blood flow in the face.

Increase in testosterone: The best thing you can do to increase your beard growth is to increase your testosterone level. The higher the testosterone levels the faster the beard growth. There are several ways in which you can increase testosterone levels. Eat healthy fats and lean protein also lifting weights in the gym will increase your testosterone levels. Live healthy, eat healthy and grow healthy: Have a healthy lifestyle exercise regularly and eat clean. If your overall lifestyle is healthy then you can grow a healthy facial beard.

Beard is not a magical object which will make you more attractive than those who can't grow facial hairs. If you can't grow facial hair it doesn't matter at all people are attracted by your behavior and personality, not by your beard. Don't ever lose confidence if you can't grow facial hair. Be you and yes if no one told you today "you are beautiful".


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