Home remedies to manage blood pressure.

Blood pressure is one of the most common diseases among the new generation. Blood pressure is normally defined as the pressure exerted by circulating blood upon the walls of the blood vessels. Blood pressure is measured on how much pressure is the blood exerting on the walls of the arteries.

The normal blood pressure level of an adult is 130/80 (130-systolic, 80-diastolic).

Blood pressure is normally low in children and it rises as they grow older.

The higher blood pressure condition is also called Hypertension and lower blood pressure condition is also known as Hypotension. If people have high blood pressure or lower blood pressure both are harm-full for their health.

Blood pressure is also called as “Silent Killer” as this shows no severe symptoms if not checked until and unless a severe damaged is done to your body.

A sphygmomanometer is a device doctor's use used to measure blood pressure.

Indulge in physical activity: Some sort of physical activity is very important for blood pressure patients. Exercising for 1 hour is very important for people of all age groups. Exercising can lower your Hypertension to safer levels.

Hate going to the gym? No problem you can have a walk or you can go swimming, hiking on your weekends is also a great idea. The motive is to indulge yourself in some physical activities.

Limit your sodium intake: Sodium which is nothing but table salt. The extra pressure exerted on the walls of arteries due to eating too much salt hike up your blood pressure. Thus to cope up, your arteries muscle get narrower and leading to even more blood pressure. This leads to sometimes burst of arteries or clogged up completely. So throw your salt shaker now. The maximum amount of salt for an adult is 6g and most of us are overdoing it. Throw the saltshaker now!

Cut off junk food: Junk food is very high in sodium, cholesterol, Tran’s fat, saturated fat, etc. Junk food can also hike up your triglycerides (a type of fat present in the blood) and it also can invite 2 types of diabetes in your body) these fatty junks will not only raise the blood pressure but also create many problems in heart and other organs of the body, it can also make you obese as there is no to low nutritional value. So maintain a healthy diet.

Drink less alcohol: Regular consumption of an uncalculated amount of alcohol can take your blood pressure to a very risky level. Taking a glass of red wine with your dinner is fine it also has multiple benefits to your body but having more than 3 to 4 drink in a single sitting elevated your blood pressure to unhealthy levels.

Backed by research an adult man can take up to 2 drinks per day and a woman recommendation is up to 1 drink per day.

1 drink can be broken down to:-

-11 ounces of beer

-5 ounces of wine

-1.5 ounces of 80-proof distilled spirits

Alcohol is also very high in empty calories. Alcohol consumption also makes you gain some more weight which is also a drawback for blood pressure.

Quit smoking: As you already know the effects of smoking in our body. There are a lot of anti-smoking campaigns we pass through which indicate that we need to quit smoking as soon as possible. It is not only harmful to our lungs but also harms the blood pressure levels. Smoking raises your blood pressure levels and your heart rate. Smoking causes the arteries to become narrower and make the walls thicker for a reason the blood pressure hikes up.

Watch your caffeine intake: Caffeine can cause a dramatic hike in blood pressure. If you are caffeine sensitive then you should keep your caffeine intake in moderation. There is a lot of research on this, still unclear. Some research indicates may be caffeine block the hormone which helps the arteries to be widened. You should consult your doctor for caffeine intake if you have a blood pressure. You can check it at home too by measuring your B.P (Blood Pressure) in a normal phase and checking it again after 30 minutes of drinking caffeine. If you are a caffeine-sensitive person you must avoid caffeinated drinks before activities that raise blood pressure like exercising or yoga.

Lose some weight: Bodyweight has a very big relationship with blood pressure. Higher the body weights higher the blood pressure of the individual. Even a small change in body weight can heavily help in prevention and manage blood pressure. Eat high fiber foods and cut down the sugar to a minimum. Avoid junk and alcohol as mentioned earlier. Losing around 10 pounds can lower your blood pressure to safer levels.

Back off on sugar and simple carbohydrates: Cutting off your sugar and simple carbohydrates helps you to reduce your blood pressure levels. According to research people who followed a low carb diet rather than any other diet have lost weight and their blood pressure levels also came to safer levels. Another big advantage of low carb and low sugar diet is you will feel fuller as you are depending on protein and fats only.

Eat a lot of potassium filled food: Adding up a lot of potassium helps to reduce blood pressure. Potassium is a double play it also decreases the effect of sodium in your blood level and also eases tension from the blood vessels.

People having kidney problems must consult with the doctor before increasing the potassium dosage in daily diet. Low-fat dairy products, fish, bananas are some potassium-rich food.

Meditate: meditation helps us in numerous ways. Blood pressure can also be taken down to safer levels. Meditation helps our minds to relax and make us calm. Help to maintain a fair breathing pattern. Meditation reduces stress and reduces cortisol. You can start meditation by doing 10 minutes a day and gradually increase the period. It will help you in many ways.

Consult your general physician if you have an abnormal blood pressure even it is low or high, both are very harmful to you. Invest some time knowing about your body. Only a post-credit scene :)


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