10 Foods to avoid during weight lose

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Sugary beverages – Sugar can be the ultimate devil in your weight loss journey. First of all, it is empty-calorie which adds up a lot of calorie content without adding any nutritional value in it. It also promotes hunger because sugary foods and beverages are digested very quickly making you eat a lot of times throughout the day. So throw away the sugar to get maximum health benefits.

French fries- French fries and potato chips should be avoided strictly when an individual is on a diet. French fries are very high in calories and you can eat a lot of them. It has a high amount of fat, refined carb’s and salt which doesn’t only harm your weight loss goal also bad for your cardiovascular health.

Alcohol- Cut out alcohol if you want to cut out those extra layers of fat from your body. Alcohol is an empty calorie drink that adds up in our body without providing any nutritional benefits. A single glass of wine with your dinner is fine. According to science when your body intakes alcohol your body first breakdown and burns the calorie from alcohol rather than the fat making the fat burning process slower. Technically speaking alcohol slower the weight loss process. it can also make you a beer belly which means fat in the abdomen region. read to burn belly fat 1 can of beer (356 g) contains about 154 calories. 100 grams of whiskey, 86 proofs contain about 250 calories.

Energy bars: Sounds healthy right! But wondering why it is on the list??? Although the energy bar and those protein bars in the supermarket are declared as a healthy choice but the fact is this is not a good alternative in your weight loss journey. Those bars are very high in sugar and may trigger your hunger more making you eat more at the end of the day. It is also very high in calorie which you should avoid in your fat loss phase. Even these are preserved with certain preservatives that promote different health problems, neurological problems and different types of allergies. Some healthy alternatives are almonds, walnuts, and nuts.

Deep-fried items: Deep fried items are an enemy in your fat loss process. Fried foods are high in calorie also contains a high amount of fat and high in salt which not only creates a barrier in fat loss process also affect the blood pressure levels and blood sugar levels. Regular consuming of fried and junk food can cause a ton of health problems like obesity, blood pressure, and other chronic diseases.

Pastries cookies and cakes: The cake family is nothing but consists of a large amount of sugar and refined flour which is high in calories and has a minimal to no nutritional value. A slice in your cheat day is fine but anything in excess is harmful. You can enjoy it in some parties but make sure that it only remains stuck till the party, not as an everyday snack.

White rice: the white rice is not going to affect you if consumed in a small quantity. The main story is white rice a higher glycemic index than spikes up the insulin levels because it contains only carbohydrates, no fiber no mineral which may cause insulin resistance that is diabetes. All essential minerals and nutrient value is washed away and polished which leaves white rice an unhealthy choice. Brown rice is a healthy choice that has all essential vitamins and minerals and also rich in fiber. Brown rice is the purest form of rice which is also beneficial for health and makes you fit.

White flour recipes: White flour is considered as bad carbohydrates. Consuming too many refined carbohydrates increase the risk of obesity and diabetes. It is very easy to over-consume the white flour pasta and different types of its recopies, which make you unhealthy at the end of the day. Multigrain flour is healthy alternatives that have a lot of fiber and nutritional value in it.

Pizzas and hamburgers: Pizzas and hamburgers are a high-calorie food which contains preservatives and unhealthy fats the dough used in pizza is unhealthy because it contains a minimum amount of fibers and has a high glycemic index which will be very easy to overeat. Safer and healthier alternatives are pizza or burgers in multigrain bread which has some vital nutrients and fiber in it.

Processed food: these are the reason for most of the illness and obesity around the globe. By adding chemicals and preservatives. Most of the processed foods are often high in refined carbohydrates which increase hunger and make you eat more at the end of the day. Processed foods are also related to many chronic diseases and also cancer.

These are some of the foods to avoid during the fat loss period one thing to keep in mind that anything beyond the limit is bad so you should be tracking if you are having a cheat meal. Everything in moderation makes no harm.


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