10 alcohol myths busted. Common misconceptions about alcohol.

Women and men affected by alcohol on the same level?

It is a common misconception that people think women are affected by alcohol to the same degree as men. The average total body water content of men is much higher than women (62% compared to 51% of women). Which means men can dilute alcohol better than women. There is a lot of other factors like enzyme differences which shows that women are more sensitive to alcohol than men in most of the cases. So there is a high chance of risk for women than men at the same level of drinking.

Food lining before your alcohol session

Lining your stomach with large meals will not only avoid hangover but also reduce the chance of throwing up. So always have protein and carbohydrate-rich foods before a night out. Heavy meals before the drinking session will slower your alcohol absorption, but if you drink a lot you will get drunk.

The color of your drink shows its property

Darker color alcohol contains more amounts of congeners (toxic chemicals created during the fermentation process) which can make your hangover worse. To avoid such sluggish after day hangover shifts to lighter color drinks or consume less amount of alcohol.

Sipping coffee, eating foods or taking cold showers will sober you up

When alcohol is in your bloodstream nothing can make you sober except time. These procedures may make you feel active and fresh or help you with your hangover but definitely it will not make you sober.

Alcohol will make you fat?

Yes! Alcohol will make you fat. You have merely noticed that most of the regular drinkers got a fat belly. Alcohol makes you fat from four directions. Alcohol will slow the fat-burning process. Alcohol itself is very high in calories. You will end up consuming a lot of high-calorie food during your boozing session.

Does alcohol affect male fertility?

Alcohol affects male fertility! We will elaborate on why alcohol affects manhood. Alcohol can affect sperm count it also raises the estrogen level the female hormone by dropping the testosterone level. It also reduces the libido which can cause impotence. Excess drinkers may get affected by erectile dysfunction.

Alcohol reduces your chance of getting pregnant

Not only men alcohol also affects women's fertility. Women who drink a lot may face problems while conceiving. It is not at all recommended to get high on booze if you are planning for a new member. According to studies women who drink on a regular basis may get diminished ovarian reserve (low quantity of eggs) which will create hindrance if you are planning a baby.

Beer health drinks for adults for a reason!

Good news! Beer can also be good for your health. Yes! Read it promptly. There are a lot of health benefits of beer if consumed in a moderate way such as beer may lower the risk of diabetes and heart-related diseases, it may boost your brainpower and make your bones stronger. Reading this doesn’t binge drink this weekend because there is the word “moderately”. According to many studies if is found that people who drink moderately live longer than nondrinkers.

Tolerance to alcohol! Means you can drink more safely?

Alcohol tolerance is developed by regular drinking. If you are not getting drunk even after grasping a lot of drinks it does not mean you can drink some shots more it clearly indicates that your liver needs severe attention. Alcohol tolerance happens when liver power is getting low. If you are getting drunk it means your liver is in a good state than the guy who has tolerance to alcohol. Stop thinking you are not harming your body as you are not feeling drunk, you need to take care of your liver.

What is the safe drinking borderline for regular consumption?

The safe drinking borderline for regular consumption should be 1 drink per day for women and up to 2 drinks per day for men when they attain the legal drinking age.

A standard drink is equal to 12 ounces of beer, 8 ounces of malt liquor, and 1.5 ounces of distilled spirit or liquor. After reading these guidelines you should not start drinking if you are a nondrinker.

In conclusion, alcohol is not harmful if taken in moderation for healthy adults. It can be harmful if consumed daily in no limits. Always drink responsibly, never drink and drive.


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